Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Blues

Bobby got sick this morning so Kristy didn't come pick up me and Bobby. We don't get to go to Granny and Pa's for Sunday dinner. Travis and I played school but of course after awhile he got bored with playing. I thought about doing my homeork but that idea was very sickening. I did my reading but still have to write a story about what I did over the weekend. Blah! I started reading a good series of books called Regarding The:---------. It is a good series of books.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Quick Update

Tuesday is my TAKS Test day. It is on writing so my weekend homework is to write a story. I haven't even started but I think I should. Oh well! Dad is out of town for another week. Mom was supposed to go up there but Travis got sick and her flight got canceled. If she had gone Jonny and Shellie would be here and I wouldn't be doing this.

A New Blog

Hi! I started a brand new blog. I couldn't remember my password or username so I started a new one. Hope you enjoy my blog and what is happening through out the year in my life!